Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We've officially set a date!!

My husband and I eloped last December so we could buy a house early this year. We figured it would save us money and the headache of trying to change all of the paperwork over to my new last name at a later date. I agreed to get married down at the courthouse as long as I still got to have a decent wedding where I could invite all of my friends and family, pretty much what every girl dreams about right? So we didn't tell any of our friends or family since we know we'd have another wedding shortly after we bought our home. With the home prices coming down so low in California, you'd think we would be able to find a house. We searched for what seems like forever and then finally found a brand new condo just built. We put deposits down, picked out our flooring and window coverings, and filled out all of our paperwork, Our escrow was set to close on February 24th. The very next day I got laid off from my job. We pretty much had to cancel everything immediately as we couldn't afford the condo we picked out on my husbands salary alone. I try not to feel guilty about losing our dream house, but it's still hard. I have to work on that daily. So in the meantime, we've been searching high and low and even with home prices as low as they are for California, they are still too high or when we find something in our price range, they are either in bad areas or they are super tiny! There's no way we can fit into a 2 Bedroom 1 Bath at 750 sq ft. So the house hunt continues.... In the meantime, we've officially set a wedding date so we can get married since it was slightly put on hold when we were searching for a house. I just feel so good, like we're finally moving forward :)

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