Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning & Decorating

The hubs has been sick for the past few days (nothing contagious thank goodness!) So I've been spending a lot of time taking care of him when he hasn't been feeling the greatest. I took some time to do some cleaning and I realized we have a consistent color combo flowing throughout the entire house. I was noticing everything in our home decor is in a turquoise blue and brown color combo. When my husband moved in with me before we got married, I chose Blue & Brown since it was pretty neutral and not too girly. Some time has gone by, and after cleaning the bathroom this weekend, I just couldn't take it anymore and decided I needed a change. I wanted a more vibrant and cheerful color scheme to look at now that I'm home most of the day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the bathroom 24/7 or anything, but since I was already cleaning the bathroom, I figured it was the easiest and less conspicuous place to start, rather than switching out everything in my living room LOL! My husband is a Man's-Man {insert grunting man noises here} who isn't too fond of anything pink, so I couldn't just casually switch out everything in the living room without him noticing LOL! So I ran over to Target to get out of the house and bought all new accessories for our bathroom ~ Yay!

I was looking for a prettier picture on Target's website to reference to, but they don't have it on their website for some reason? Although they do have matching duvets, and kitchenware...Oh my! My husband better watch out, I'm going to slowly take over the house with new bright colors.

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